Hijo Resorts Davao Banana Plantation

Hijo Resorts Davao offers guided tours of its 177-hectare banana plantation and 92-hectare coconut plantation. Learn about the Philippines’ banana and coconut industry and see how bananas are grown and harvested, and made ready for shipment worldwide.

Hijo Resorts Davao River Tour

As home to a four kilometer stretch of Madaum River, Hijo Resorts Davao guides you through a beautiful cruise that features century-old mangroves. The picturesque landscape provides the perfect backdrop for a unique journey that can only be found in specific tropical regions. With over 35% of the world’s mangrove forests already gone, and 50% of those found in India, Vietnam, and the Philippines having been cleared in the last two decades, the preservation of this forest is one of Hijo Resorts Davao’s priorities in its thrust for sustainability, conservation, and environmental preservation and responsibility.


(Source: WWF Mangrove Threat)

Hijo Resorts Davao Forest Tour

Our 60-hectare forest is open for both hiking and safaris. Follow the trail and cross our hanging bridges or take a ride and spot the monkeys and wild boar that call the forest their home.

Hijo Resorts Davao Natural Buko Juice

Natural Buko Juice

A product of the Hijo Tall coconut trees, Twin Rivers Natural Buko Juice helps increase your body’s metabolism, boosts blood circulation, promotes weight loss and cleanses your digestive tract.

Hijo Resorts Davao Coconut Syrup

Coco Syrup

One of the most unique attributes of Coco Syrup is that its main ingredient must be harvested by moonlight. This process helps the syrup maintain its distinct taste

Hijo Resorts Davao Coconut Sugar

Coco Sugar

Harvested at first light, sap from coconut flower buds are collected by Hijo Plantation’s dedicated farmers. Within the day, the sap is refined and packaged into Hijo’s Coco Sugar.

Hijo Resorts Davao Calamansi Puree

Calamansi Puree

A portion of each Calamansi harvest is set aside to be juiced and naturally processed into syrup, bringing out a strong and distinct sour flavour.

Hijo Resorts Davao Coconut Plantation


Hijo Resorts Davao Banana