Hijo Resorts Davao 10 Ways to fall in love with Tagum

03 Oct 10 Ways To Fall In Love With Tagum’s Banana Beach

Beach, pool, forest walk, fishing, river cruise and oodles of fun in 24 hours.
What makes the Banana Beach Resort in Tagum City unique? Here are 10 exciting reasons why you should visit it soon:


1. Banana Beach stands out among white-sand beaches because of its long stretch of black sand.  Swim, snorkel or dive to see the teeming coral life, or get on the banana boat for an adventuresome ride.


2. It is part of a vast banana plantation, yet has a forest reserve that houses endemic Philippine trees like rattan and anahaw.


3. Philippine long-tailed macaques and wild boars have found their sanctuary in the forest reserve.


4. Within the plantation are coconut trees from which coconut sugar, coconut syrup, coconut vinegar, coconut sap and fresh buko juice are sourced.


5. The resort’s infinity pool not only provides a cool refuge from the heat of the sun but it also has a sunken bar that serves, among others, refreshing and cold fresh banana smoothies and monkey tail.


6. Aside from the forest tour, Banana Beach also has a river cruise that acquaints you with mangroves, the K’gan tribe living along its banks, and the fishes, crabs and other species in its waters.


7. It has a fishing spot that not only allows you to catch your own fish for cooking, but also serves it, Halal-certified, in its restaurant.



8. You have a choice between airconditioned and open-air cabanas when you want to sleep or just stay away from the sun.


9. The Banana Beach Restaurant serves delicious plated breakfast that gives you a choice among tapa, danggit, bangus, bacon, corned beef and sausage and eggs cooked in different ways.


10. Adjacent to the Banana Beach is the Plantation House (Lanikai) that invokes memories of hacienda living.

With all these 10 qualities, are you not tempted to try out the Banana Beach?

How to Get There:

Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu. Tagum City is an hour away by land from Davao City.

Bus Fare is Php95-110 (US$2.21-2.56). Van fare is Php70-90 (US$1.63-2.10). Take a multicab jeep to Madaum at PhP15 (US$0.35) per head.

Private vehicles can take the Panacan route out of Davao City to Tagum City then turn right for the road leading to the Hijo Plantation in Madaum before reaching the city proper.

Source: Ida Nanette Damo | http://www.choosephilippines.com/go/islands-and-beaches/4349/banana-beach-tagum-city/

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